National TB and Leprosy Programme (NTLP)

This was our presentation for the NATIONAL TB AND LEPROSY PROGRAMME (NTLP) that was led by Overall project coordinator: Professor Grant Theron, Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

Study Flow:

Schedule Of Events:

Specimen typePurpose
Cough sound audioRecordings to form basis for to test TB triage smartphone app
Finger prick bloodHIV-testing
Serum/plasma (from venous blood collection)Bio banking for future test validation, including TB and SARS-COV-2
SputumUltra and culture TB tests
Nasopharyngeal swabSARS-CoV-2 testing
CXRRule-out potential active TB
UrineBio banking for future TB test validation
Urine (women uncertain of pregnancy)Test safety profile of women for X-ray (pregnant women do not get X-ray)

Cough Audio Set-Up:

Cough Audio Set-Up: