CAGE-TB Consortium Meeting – Sunday, 26 March 2023 (08:30-15:30 EAT)

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CAGE-TB Consortium Meeting – Sunday, 26 March 2023 (08:30-15:30 EAT)
The meeting will take place at The Hilton Garden Inn, Kampala, Uganda. All international partners that cannot attend in person may join the meeting via MS Teams:
Sunday, February 26th
0:3008:30 – 09:00Arrival and preparation
Mentimeter (What do you hope to achieve at the CAGE-TB ACM? What about the year ahead? What can CAGE-TB do better?)Grant Theron
0:1009:00 – 09:10Welcome by local hostMoses Joloba/ Willy Ssengooba
Grant Theron
Opening remarks and brief recap of CAGE-TB by project coordinator
0:1509:10 – 09:25WP1: Coordination and management Daphne Naidoo
·       Overall management and coordination update
·       Overall update on deliverables and milestones
0:0509:25 – 09:30Questions and discussion
0:3009:30 – 10:00WP2: Audio classifier discovery
·       Patient workflow
o   Clinical and lab Byron Reeve
o   Audio Thomas Niesler
·       Overall progress update(where more than one presenter indicated, please liaise internally to distribute workload)
·       Cough audio data collection refinement and SOP development
·       Data monitoring
·       Challenges (e.g., reverberation issue, clinic variation)
·       Next steps
Questions and discussion
0:1010:00 – 10:10
0:1010:10 – 10:20WP3: Audio classifier validation and costingByron Reeve
·       Update
·       Next steps
0:0510:20 – 10:25Questions and discussion
0:1510:25 – 10:40Break and photos
0:2510:40 – 11:05WP4: User-centered mobile app development and formative implementation research
·       Overall progress updateMaike Greve
·       Deriving client, user, and technical requirementsKimsey Zajac
·       Prototype progress
·       TB policies scoping review
·       Current challenges experienced at health facilities and how the CAGE-TB app will be able to mitigate these various challenges
·       Next stepsCarolyne Egesa
Hanlie Myburgh
Questions and discussion(where more than one presenter indicated, please liaise internally to distribute workload)
0:0511:05 – 11:10
0:2011:10 – 11:30WP5: Communication, dissemination, and uptakeWilly Ssengooba
·       Overall progress update
·       Awareness and community engagement
·       Publication plan – list and schedule of proposed outputs with leading partner of each output
·       Next steps
Questions and discussion
0:1011:30 – 11:40
0:2011:40 – 12:00WP6: Capacity Building and networkingFrank Cobelens
·       Overall progress update
·       Trainee redistribution and progress
·       Short-term training
·       MSc and PhD training
·       Timetable of envisaged visits
·       Next steps
0:1012:00 – 12:10Questions and discussion
1:0012:10 – 13:00Lunch Break
0:0513:00 – 13:05SU – site key implementation activitiesByron Reeve
0:0513:05 – 13:10MAK – site key implementation activitiesWilly Ssengooba
0:0513:10 – 13:15AIGHD – site key implementation activitiesFrank Cobelens
0:0513:15 – 13:20UGOE - site key implementation activitiesMaike Greve
0:2013:20 – 13:40Update on cross-cutting and add-on studiesGrant Theron
Hubs and Clubs studyThomas Nielser
PreFIT/ PRESTO(where more than one presenter indicated, please liaise internally to distribute workload)
Pneumonia data
ZeroTB RCT v2
CODA-TB challenge
0:1013:40 – 13:50Questions and discussion
0:1013:50 – 14:00Budget ExpenditureDeon Daniels
0:1514:00 – 14:15PhD presentation (MAK) – other respiratory tract infections and to what effect it affects cough audioIvan Sserwadda
0:1014:15 – 14:25Questions and discussion
0:1014:25 – 14:35Break
0:1514:35 – 14:50PhD Presentation (MAK) – Cost effectiveness and rapid diagnostics for TB triageKevin Komakech
Questions and discussion
0:0514:50 – 15:00
0:0515:00 – 15:05Wrap up and concluding remarksGrant Theron