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Automated smartphone-based cough audio classification for rapid tuberculosis triage testing (Cough Audio triaGE for TB). It will not replace normal TB testing, but will be a way to filter patients most likely to have TB so that they can access specialised TB testing and care.

CAGE-TB brings together African and European scientists to develop a mobile phone-based cough triage test for Tuberculosis (TB). Our vision is to close the gap between patients screened for TB and patients tested for TB and reduce the number of unnecessary routine TB tests.


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The Cough Audio triaGE for TB (CAGE-TB) project aims at promoting the adoption of mobile health-based cough audio triage testing for active pulmonary tuberculosis in health facilities in high-burden settings. Specifically, the study aims are;

a) To generate and separately validate a cough audio classifier that meets the criteria for the World Health Organization (WHO) triage test target product profile for sensitivity and specificity, b) To produce data on potential cost savings, and c) To package the underlying technology into an easy-to-use smartphone app built using human-centered design ready-for-use in large-scale clinical evaluations.

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